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Triva Baker, CE ( Certified Electrologist )

I received my certification in October 2015 from Swanson's Canadian Institute of Electrolysis. Once I finished my studies and practicum, I started up my studio in Burns Lake, BC and then moved to Prince George a few years later. I have been in business for 7 years now. I am most grateful for my dedicated clients, past and present, who all bring something different to the table in so many ways. I moved to Prince George, BC in 2018 and I have set up my studio up in the beautiful Hart area.

Welco​me !

Whether you are new to electrolysis or not, have a look around and see what it's all about. The best way to know if electrolysis is for you, is to book a consultation. During your consultation, I will go over everything involved in an electrolysis treatment, including hair growth cycles, reasons for excess hair growth, appointment duration, and answer any questions you may have. You will then receive a sample treatment in the area of concern. Your consultation usually lasts for about 30 minutes and it is all complimentary! My goal is to equip you with all the info you need to make an informed decision whether you want to continue on your electrolysis journey or not. My top priority is that you get the results you are looking for - with your dedication, permanent results are the end goal!

Standard Protocols

As professional Electrologists, we have always upheld the strictest levels of sterilization, disinfection, sanitation and cleanliness. You will see below, a list of the steps we typically follow to ensure Practitioner and Client safety.

• High-level sterilization of implements / tools / tweezers using a medical grade steam autoclave and / or cold sterilization method as approved by local Health Inspectors.

• Single-use, disposable probe for each client, properly disposed of after use into a Sharps container.

• Disposable probe holder tips or sterilized caps.

• Gloves are worn and changed for each client.

• Disinfecting all frequently-touched surfaces (treatment bed, needle holder, epilator machine, visual aids, door handles, debit / credit card machines).

• Linens are changed for each client. They are laundered on high-heat cycles and washed with bleach.

• Treatment rooms & common areas frequently disinfected with professional products.

• Frequent Hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.

• Washrooms well stocked with liquid soap, paper towels, hot and cold running water and cleaned regularly.

What are the new expectations for Clients and your Electrologist ?

By appointment only, If you are not feeling well on the day of your appointment, please reschedule for another day when you are well again.

I will be leaving plenty of time between clients to properly clean and sanitize all “high touch” areas.

Hand sanitizer as well as hand washing is available for clients and I recommend using one or the other when you arrive for your appointment.

Many payment options available - cash, cheque, visa , debit, e-transfer

Please park your vehicle right in front of the garage, leaving enough room for vehicles to get past on the right.

 Bottled water available if needed.

New Hours of Operation* :

Mon: 10-5 ( Closed on Stat holidays )

Tues: 9:30-9

Wed: 9:30-9

Thurs: 10-9

Fri: 10-2

Sat: pre-booked clients only, no last minute bookings.

Sun: Closed

*hours subject to change

Thank you for choosing Simply Smooth! See you soon!!



Are you tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, etc ?

Electrolysis is for you! Hard to believe that Electrolysis has been around for 145 years!

Many people confuse electrolysis with laser. It is very different from laser hair removal. An electrolysis treatment consists of a fine filament that releases a pulse of heat to an individual hair, thus treating only the problem hairs.

Electrolysis - Frequently asked questions

Member of COPE ( Canadian Organization Of Professional Electrologists ​)

Most Popular Areas Of Treatment

Eyebrow Shaping , Upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck, armpits, shoulders, back, arms, stomach, bikini line, legs and toes. Just about any hair can be treated, as long as the follicle is visible.

Electrolysis Rates

First Appointment 


15 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes


1 hour


1.5 hours


2  hours


Other Services

Browse our services below and contact me for more info!


Now offering waxing services from head to toe. With the exception of a Brazilian wax. 

Skin Tag Removal

Now offering Skin Tag Removal. It's fast and easy!

Spider Vein Treatment

Fall and Winter is the best time to treat spider veins. Soon, I will have some before and after pictures for you to compare.  

Skin Anomaly Removal

All kinds of skin anomalies can be treated and removed with thermocoagulation. It is important to see your doctor first and get a written note that you are cleared for treatment.

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